Brasilia Rito

Available as 2 Group Format

Cutting-edge design to combine visual appeal with pleasing functionality.

The Brasilia Rito Coffee Machine incorporating cutting-edge design that seamlessly merges captivating aesthetics with impeccable functionality, as well as top-tier technological dependability and brewing solutions adaptable to distinct blends, this innovative range serves as the perfect choice for bars where quality espresso is cherished.

Enhanced coffee extraction through the dynamic new b16 unit with stationary pre-brewing. Adjustable brewing temperature, contingent upon blend type, facilitated by the thermosiphon system (during setup phase). Sustained heat equilibrium assured by the bullone rosso system, an exclusive technology by bianchi industry (on rito touch).

Achieve the finest espresso with any blend: this marks the debut of the Rito specialty in all its variations. Yet that’s not all.

The Cold Touch steam wand, featuring an insulating and non-stick coating, streamlines cleaning and empowers baristas to craft unparalleled cappuccinos regardless of milk type (regular or plant-based). Additionally, for the delight of tea enthusiasts, the machine permits programming of three water temperature levels to intensify aromas and uphold brewing principles for all varieties of tea: be it green, black, or infused tea.


Technical Details

A complete and versatile range.

Two versions, eight models, maximum customisation: the Rito range has a solution for all types of professional. For baristas who love doing things the traditional way, there is the mechanical version and for those who prefer the convenience of technology, there’s Rito Touch.

Freedom to customize.

Are you a roaster? You can customize the keyboard panel with the company logo to enhance the machine’s visibility in public places and transform Rito into a publicity tool. The entire range in fact enables the front area to be customized at will with logos, images and colors.

Attractive design with LED technology for the keypad.

■ mechanical keypad (Rito) or customizable backlit touchscreen (Rito Touch). ■ LCD tft 4.3” color touchscreen display (Rito and Rito Touch). ■ LED lighting of the work areas (Rito Touch).

Technological innovation combined with a design that will blend in with any environment and make a barista’s job much easier. The clean and essential lines and the quality of the materials enhance work spaces whereas the ergonomic thought behind the functional development makes the Rito range easy to use for all the many daily tasks.

A safe working environment.

■ Graphic LCD display of general state and consumption of the machine. ■ Energy saving mode and LED low-consumption lighting. ■ Conformity to rohs and weee standards. ■ Certification: EMC, CB REPORT, CE.

Quality and innovation are also measured by the degree of safety for the baristas who work each day in contact with Rito Touch that, owing to the Cold Touch steam wand, provides maximum protection against scalding.

Cleaning and maintenance in a few instants.

■ Automatic washing of the units (sequential or parallel). ■ Bluetooth upgrades for remote maintenance by digital application.

The Rito range makes cleaning for baristas and maintenance by after-sales service centers fast and simple. Linear design without areas that are hard to reach, automated operations, components that can be washed in the dishwasher and immediate access to the internal structure: every detail has been designed to maintain the machine’s long-term reliability, avoiding unnecessary wasting of time and energy.

Maximum control of performance.

An immediate diagnosis increases the efficiency of the machine: with Rito and Rito Touch, maintenance becomes fast and simple. The Usb port enables the machine to be updated just by inserting a Usb key. In addition, the Rito range is set up to be upgraded with Bluetooth and can be conveniently managed by the barista via the dedicated digital application.

Touch/Usb control:

■ Consumption control, also for the individual barista. ■ Machine status (temperature, filter, pressure, faults, washing record, boiler fullness state, statistics for individual units). ■ Control of use for units

Available Colours

■ White ■ Black