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CoffeeSafe Approved Engineers

Coffee Machine Supply and Maintenance Experts. Majestic’s maintenance engineers proudly hold the CoffeeSafe certification, an independent organisation dedicated to enhancing safety, elevating standards, and fostering awareness within the coffee industry. With a strong “Think Safety First” approach, Majestic’s engineers ensure the well-being of traditional espresso, bean to cup, and self-serve vending machines. Through CoffeeSafe’s IOSH approved training, Majestic’s engineers are equipped with the expertise to maintain and enhance safety standards, benefiting over 600 coffee machine engineers across the UK and Ireland. This partnership underscores Majestic’s commitment to safety, continually refreshing and updating knowledge to ensure a secure environment for all.

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Step into the world of Majestic Coffee. We are Coffee Machine Supply and Maintenance Experts. With our deep-rooted passion for the art of brewing, we’re your trusted destination for premium coffee solutions. From cutting-edge vending machines bringing barista-quality beverages to convenient spots, to meticulously designed traditional coffee machines adorning cafes and restaurants, we offer a diverse array of tailored options. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with our ‘Coffee Safe’ accreditation, ensures that every sip from our offerings is a journey of pure delight.

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Majestic Coffee has extensive knowledge of delivering world class hot beverages, from market leading vending machines to the finest ingredients anywhere in the world.

From the expertise we put into our espresso-based coffee drinks, right through to the professional advice and excellent customer support, Majestic Coffee can cater for your needs.

Whether you’re one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the UK, a leading law firm or a small family owned bistro, let Majestic Coffee fulfil your requirements.

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