About Majestic Coffee

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Meet Majestic Coffee


Majestic Coffee has extensive knowledge of delivering world class hot beverages, from market leading vending machines to the finest ingredients anywhere in the world.

From the expertise we put into our espresso-based coffee drinks, right through to the professional advice and excellent customer support, Majestic Coffee can cater for your needs.

Whether you’re one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the UK, a leading law firm or a small family owned bistro, let Majestic Coffee fulfil your requirements.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Majestic Coffee proudly displays the Rainforest Alliance seal, highlighting our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing. As an honoured partner, we prioritise products that meet rigorous environmental, social, and economic criteria. By choosing Majestic, you’re not only savouring exceptional coffee but also supporting responsible farming practices that safeguard our planet’s rich biodiversity and uplift the lives of local communities.

Fairtrade Partner

Majestic Coffee proudly stands as a Fairtrade Partner, aligning with a global movement that emphasizes ethical trade practices. Committed to social responsibility, we ensure that our coffee sourcing and supply chain adhere to Fairtrade standards. By choosing Majestic Coffee, you’re not only indulging in exceptional brews, but also contributing to a fairer world for farmers and workers. Join us in supporting sustainable and equitable trade practices with every sip.

CoffeeSafe Approved Engineers

Majestic’s maintenance engineers hold CoffeeSafe certification, an independent body devoted to safety enhancement, standards elevation, and awareness fostering in the coffee industry. With a “Think Safety First” ethos, they prioritise well-being of espresso, bean to cup, and vending machines. Through CoffeeSafe’s IOSH approved training, Majestic’s engineers maintain safety standards, embodying their commitment to a secure environment.