Bianchi Gaia Style RY

Bianchi Gaia Style RY

Automatic machine with Innovative design with customisable choices.

Embrace a convivial workplace ambiance enriched by the coziest moments: colleagues gathered, cups in hand, indulging in relaxation and shared connections.

Majestic Coffee introduces Gaia Style Ry to rejuvenate the delight of companionship within offices, stores, or studios. This innovative design element enhances the environment’s charm, coupled with a diverse menu boasting myriad customizable choices, ensuring ultimate flexibility.

With such a versatile menu, abundant usage possibilities emerge, offering an extended range of pricing options.

Hospitality extends to diverse preferences: Gaia Style Ry caters to more than just cups, accommodating glasses and mugs, broadening the array of choices even further.


Technical Details

Product layout with a hopper for 1.3 kg of coffee beans, and two containers for soluble products.

Choice of 2 intuitive interfaces:
Easy: backlit keypad with 8 selections buttons and a customisable 3.5” LCD TFT colour display.
Touch: 7” touchscreen display with an intuitive, easily personalised menu.

It offers an effective space for communications that can display videos and
product information.
4-litre refrigerator to keep milk in perfect condition.